#60 Sweet D-Flat

In the world of equal temperament, the extra-musical meaning associated with a key is an hommage to a composer, isn’t it? (Pianist friends, please educate me if you have thoughts on this) I have always been drawn to “sweet” music, and slowly over time, I have realized that quite a few of my favorite pieces … Continue reading #60 Sweet D-Flat

#59 Chorei

Been indoors all day rehearsing. As I got home and the sun was still out, I couldn’t help and went for a bike ride. Not only was it too cold, but at some point, tears started dropping for no reason and I couldn’t open my eyes. Air was too chill? Staring straight at the sun? … Continue reading #59 Chorei

#58 Ernest Shand

The guitar has always been my true love, and although I have been having an affair with the mandolin in the past few years, I just can’t help myself and fell in love with the Portugues guitar. As I was busying looking for the method, A Complete Method for Portuguese Guitarra by Havelock on the … Continue reading #58 Ernest Shand

#57 The Lick

Made some long drives over the weekend with my buddy Mike, and as the driver, he also had full control of what we listened to. He showed me a live reggae show that he enjoys: Rockpalast Live 2019 by Richie Spice and the Element Band. While I loved how tight the band and the arrangement … Continue reading #57 The Lick

#56 Why reggae – episode #3a

It must just be a self-romanticized thought, but I have always felt an indirect connection between Jamaican and Hong Kong – both were British colonies, and both are islands with extremely hot and humid weather. Yes the connections are superficial, but for a Chinese teenager to make a reggae connection, that was more than enough. … Continue reading #56 Why reggae – episode #3a

#54 How it all started – 7

Back in the day (90s and early 2000s), students in Hong Kong had to do two public exams: the HKCEE and HKALE. They were the type of exams that could determine one’s life, as the results would count toward university application. I took my HKCEE in 2000, and having achieved a big task (without knowing … Continue reading #54 How it all started – 7

#53 Leo Brower con Irakere

Visited the Bop Shop the other day, and thought I would spend some time to dig through the classical guitar and “world” sections. It turned out I did not check any classical guitar records at all, because there were already too many cool “world” records I would like to buy. Of the 4 records I … Continue reading #53 Leo Brower con Irakere

#52 Jules, why? – 3

(Continue from Jules, why? – 2) Giulio Regondi did not leave us a guitar method. Just for fun, I looked a bit at his New Method for the Concertina and Rudimenti del Concertinista, hoping it might give hint of his musical insights. Maybe even an explanation of why a guitar virtuoso picked up the concertina? … Continue reading #52 Jules, why? – 3

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